Arif Gursel

A globally focused technology strategist and business development professional with over 15+ years of experience gained from a unique mix of professional backgrounds and job disciplines.
I specialize in product development, strategic business engagements, partner alliances, business model analysis, and technology strategy equipped to lead initiatives & people toward common goals. As a highly adaptable communicator and motivator, I’m able to work effectively with diverse management styles and people across all levels of an organization. A blend of curiosity, creativity, persistence, commitment, passion, and optimism are my keys to success.

Born in Chicago and raised in Brooklyn, NY I have been in love with design since an early age. While most kids wanted to be police, doctors, and firemen; I wanted to be an architect with my head always in the sky. I attended Brooklyn Technical High School majoring in architecture. I then went on to gain my BS in computer science from Tuskegee University after discovering how creative arts and technology converged. I later obtained my MBA from The University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business International Executive program with a focus on technology strategy and marketing.

Having been raised in a family with their roots deeply embedded in the entertainment business; from my work on codecs that enabled the streaming of music on the internet, to my work on Xbox that has radically changed gaming and music consumption, I recognize future trends and understand how to make it work for the consumer, my company and our partners. Today I’m most passionate about consumer behavior in the digital space. Most specifically devising strategies that drive physical interactions from digital touch points and being on the forefront of BIG DATA for the entertainment industry.